About OSM

OSM, or Online Scout Manager, is a computer system that we and many other Scout Groups use to manage our records, programmes and events, freeing up time for Leaders to run activities for young people rather than spending time on admin.

As well as Leaders, every parent has access to OSM.

When a young person joins, or when they are invited to an event, the parent is sent an e-mail inviting them to OSM.  These can be used to log in directly.  When you use one of these links, you can also set up an account to log in in future – this is a good idea as you can then log in directly from the menu above.

If you’ve lost the link please use the contact option above and we will send you a new one.  This will go to the e-mail address you registered with us, so please do let us know if that changes!

You can also update details via OSM if something changes – please do help us by keeping this up to date, we are automatically notified of changes.

We will also use OSM to manage bookings for the training events (which are free of charge to those going on the event, with the possible exception of County Camp which will be advised in due course).